Gen Order Supply and Procurement

We are heavily involved in provision of general order items and procurement for Government, Army, NGOs and privately owned Companies. We are providing following items; -
o Computers and all items related to IT wares.
o All kind of Batteries and UPSs.
o Bullet Proof Jackets, Protective Equipment, Helmets
o Generators all types.
o Clothing items to include uniforms, socks, cap comforters, Jerseys, T shirts, Gloves, Vests, and trousers etc.
o Towels, Terry towels and all types of requirements in towels.
o Hasco Fabrics.
o Blankets.
o Sand Bags
o Gunny Bags
o Brick Stores
o Tires of vehicles all types.
o Heavy and light machinery.
o Stationary items to include A4 papers, computer papers etc.
o COVID 19 related items to include, Surgical Masks, KN 95 Masks, disposable Gowns, PPE items, Cap and shoe cover, Nitrix and Latex Gloves etc.
o Relief items and other general orders to Army and other Army Organizations.