Notitia Tech Consultants has the expertise in the following domains

Vehicles E Tag -Lane Systems

  • We provide complete set of solution with road block and with boom barrier both. We use imported stuff and items. It includes following:
    • Vehicle E-Tag Lane System with Hydraulic Road Blocker or with Boom Barier.
    • RFID and Biometric Door Locks

Turnstile Based Entry

 This can be operated through RFID cards or Biometrics.  It

 has been successfully tested in the reputed organizations and branded education

initiations. This system can be linked with daily attendance system in education institutions, offices and factories. 

Biometric Readers

This has been successfully tested at high security institutions, buildings and offices.  Verity of biometrics devices are available with complete set of solution.

RFID Technologies

We provide all kind of RFID reader solutions and components linked with biometric devices, turnstiles and doors etc