About Company

Notitia Tech was established to provide information technology solutions to small and large-sized businesses. Our mission from the very first day has been to build professional relationships with our clients to provide effective and reliable IT solutions for their needs

Alhamdulillah, we have an iconic talent and want to revolutionize the IT solutions for the clients in the best possible way. However I've come to realise that instead of spending my time, money and energy covering

Guarantee, Surety and Quality is our motto and trade mark


We are Passionate


We are Innovative


Always Improving

Notitia Tech Consultants

Revolutionizing Access Means

We believe in Trust, Transparency synergized with innovative ideas and introducing latest developments in the field of IT and Access Control Systems. We are Primarily dealing Access Control System modules, cherry pick items within that, all IT solutions, all variety of tested and matured softwares, Customs software, Web Development and Web Applications

We also provide all kind of IT related, protective and search/ surveillance equipment from Pakistan and from across the world


With our creative vision and mission, we have mastered ourselves in the following

  • E-Lane System
    E-Lane Systems
  • Turnstile,Road Blockers & Road Barriers
    Turnstile, Road
    Blockers & Road Barriers
  • RFID-Integration
    RFID Integration
  • Protective Procurement
    Protective Procurement
  • General Order & Supply
    General Order & Supply
  • Web-Application-Development
    Web Application
  • ERP Solutions
    Enterprise Resource
    Planning Solutions
  • CRM Solutions
    Customer Relationship
    Management Solutions
  • Content Management<br>System
    Content Management

Why To Choose Us

Notitia Tech Consultants has been providing innovative and effective solutions which should be safe, secure and hassle-free and to increase the efficiency of an organizatons. We have streamlined business operations for our clients comprehensively

We ensure Quality, Competency, Performance and
Client Satisfaction.

With dedicated work force, we resolve tasks of any level of complexity and timely deliver best possible solutions for each challenge you deal with

Access Control Systems
95 %
Enterprise Level Systems
85 %
Web Applications
90 %
Dedicated Team
97 %


Team Members

Brig. Ashfaq Hassan (R)
Brig. Ashfaq Hassan (R)
Sitara-e-Imtiaz (Military)

Chief Executive Officer